The helmet campaign runs annually from May to September.Picture of brain adn helmet

Print a copy of the Helmet Campaign Brochure and share it!

HABIT along with Strathroy-Caradoc Police Service promote their Annual Helmet Campaign: Our Community Working Together to Save Kid’s Brains.

2017 Winners!

Grand Prize Adria Baker Week 8 Dallas Boden
Week 1 Thomas Elliot Week 9 Jordan Lenting
Week 2 Graham Laskey Week 10 Payton Pinheiro
Week 3 Kaeden Vanderkooy Week 11 Elijay Schippen
Week 4 Julia Week 12 Mason McLean
Week 5 Mack VanVooren Week 13 Reid Balzer
Week 6 Justin Hughes Week 14 Greg Schoelier
Week 7 Sam Amarelo

The goals of the campaign are to:

  • Encourage youth in our community to wear their helmets and remind them it is the law
  • Reward and encourage the youth in our community who are wearing their helmets to continue to be safe
  • Create awareness regarding the injuries someone could sustain as a result of a bicycle accident when they are not wearing their helmet.

Wear it Right! Helmets don’t work if they are not worn properly! Know the “2V1” Rule to fit your helmet properly.

Be rewarded for wearing your helmet with Ice Cream! You could even win a New Bike!

During the campaign the Strathroy-Caradoc Police Officers will be patrolling our street to award our kids ware are wearing helmets and riding or skating in a safe manner with an Ice Cream Sundae courtesy of Burger King and a ballot to win weekly prizes and a Grand Prize draw of a new *Bike courtesy of Doug & Marion’s Bike Sales & Repairs in Strathroy.

These kids got caught wearing they’re helmets so won a prize in past years! Great job, Keep it up!

helmet campaign winnerhelmet campaign winnerhelmet campaign winner  2016 helmet campaign winners

What if you’re not wearing your helmet?

If kids are not wearing their helmet while biking or rollerblading they will be reminded of helmet safety and the importance of wearing their helmet and a reminder that Wearing your helmet is the law!


Thank you to the organizations that make this campaign possible:
Strathroy-Caradoc Police Services
Burger King
Doug & Marion’s Bike Sales & Repairs – Strathroy